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Can Chocolate Benefit Your Health?

(Submitted by: Marguerite Bonneville )

If you're a fan of chocolate you're in good company. Chocolate is one of the most popular sweet-tasting treats in the world and has been for centuries. But part of the myth surrounding chocolate is that it tastes so good it must be bad for your ... Read article

Choosing Healthy Chocolate

(Submitted by: Debra Lynn Dadd )

Let's face it. We're all going to eat chocolate. But you don't have to feel guilty! Chocolate is actually good for's all the things added to it that are the problem. Here's how you can choose delicious healthy chocolates to enjoy ... Read article

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Experience

(Submitted by: Donna Monday )

Just about everyone loves freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Many of us have fond memories from our childhoods of the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies filling up the house. Our eager little eyes anxiously awaiting their arrival ... Read article

7 Tips on Giving Chocolates to Your Valentine

(Submitted by: Will Konijn )

Every year millions of people exchange chocolates on February 14th for Valentine's Day. This trend has grown very popular in recent times, especially with the rise of quality chocolates (...and the number of chocoholics). Still, even in these ... Read article

Interesting Chocolate Statistics

(Submitted by: Criss White )

Just about everyone loves the sweet temptation of chocolates and candy. Here are some intriguing statistics and facts about candy and chocolate:1. The average American eats 10-12 pounds (4.5 kg) of chocolate a year. The average Swiss eats ... Read article

Is Chocolate That Healthy?

(Submitted by: Gerald Meyer )

It is great news that research has found a food that lowers blood pressure and is healthy for the heart and maybe more. The problem is that the chocolate Americans consume most is not the kind that was studied. The more popular kinds of ... Read article

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