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Insomnia - Getting The Help You Need

(Submitted by: Donald Saunders )

Experiencing an occasional sleepless night every now and again is normal and transient insomnia affects all of us from time to time, especially when we are under personal or professional stress, or our schedule changes significantly as a result ... Read article

Health Profiling: Recognizing the Physical Causes of Insomnia

(Submitted by: Whozylee Aris )

Insomnia is often thought to be related to stress or anxiety, but those are only two of the reasons that this condition might surface. There are numerous physical circumstances that might serve as the catalyst for sleeplessness some more closely ... Read article

Insomnia and the use of Bright Light Therapy

(Submitted by: Donald Saunders )

The use of light as a therapeutic tool has a long history, with reports of sunlight being used to treat depression and lethargy over 2000 years ago in ancient Greece and Rome. The use of light in therapy today however stems largely from research ... Read article

Are You Suffering from Event-Triggered Insomnia?

(Submitted by: Whozylee Aris )

When we think of the sleepless nights that weve had, we can usually figure out whats caused them. Those who suffer from actual insomnia, however, dont always understand what has brought it about, although the evidence is usually fairly clear. ... Read article

The Psychological Catalysts of Insomnia

(Submitted by: Whozylee Aris )

Many people suffer from insomnia at some point in their lives, but not always for the same reasons. Depending upon whats going on in their surroundings, the status of their physical health or where they stand from a psychological perspective, ... Read article

3 Surefire Ways to Cure Insomnia While Sleeping Less!

(Submitted by: Ebe Heng )

Seems like you never get enough rest even after sleeping long hours? You would know part of the reasons for this fatigue, as you suffer from insomnia. But the other part on waking up tired even after a good long sleep eludes you.A good ... Read article

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