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Life Insurance Basics

(Submitted by: Brian M. Gardner )

One of the most important things you can do as parents is to ensure the financial welfare of your children in the event of your death. Life insurance is the best way to be rest assured that your children will be taken care of if you die. Although ... Read article

Everybody Wants The Best Term Life Insurance Quote

(Submitted by: Peter Crump )

The information you need about the best term life insurance quote is only a click away when you search for term life insurance online. You dont even have to know anything about the insurance industry to get the best term life insurance quote from ... Read article

Is Life Insurance Comparison Really Necessary?

(Submitted by: Peter Crump )

When you want to purchase a life insurance policy, you really do need to do a life insurance comparison. This is to ensure that you get the best possible rates and the best possible life insurance for your needs. Different life insurance ... Read article

Insurance Glossary of Terms

(Submitted by: Darren Yates )

Assured - Those insured under the terms of an insurance policy.Benefit - The money paid to the policyholder when a claim is made.Bid Price - The selling price or cash-in value of your unit holdings.Bonus - Relates to a ... Read article

Types of Life Insurance

(Submitted by: John Mussi )

There are different types of life insurance policies available. Shop around and compare policies to ensure that you receive the best deal possible. This sounds obvious, however, there are dozens of different types of life cover plans available ... Read article

Whats The Lowdown On Variable Universal Life Insurance?

(Submitted by: Peter Crump )

If permanent insurance with flexible premiums and options is important to you, youll want to choose a variable universal life insurance policy. This type of policy combines features of universal life insurance with investment options, so you have ... Read article

Choosing the Best Life Insurance Option for You

(Submitted by: Claire Bowes )

Life insurance in the UK is becoming more and more popular with many people now realizing the importance and the benefits of a good life insurance policy. There are two main types of popular life insurance, both of which offer a range of ... Read article

Life Insurance Information

(Submitted by: John Mussi )

Life insurance is a personal insurance plan designed to pay out a sum of money on the death of the policyholder. Life Insurance is an insurance that is taken out against a persons life. It will pay out either a lump sum or monthly contributions ... Read article

Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance

(Submitted by: Bill Walker )

Term insurance and permanent insurance are two basic types of life insurance. Term life insurance is temporary, and it covers only a specific period of time called the relevant term. Permanent life insurance is the type of insurance where the ... Read article

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