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Unique Gift Ideas -- The Gift Of Fitness

Well, its almost that time of year again the holiday shopping season is just around the corner. Have you thought about what you are going to give those people on your hard to shop for list? Instead of another tie for your dad or music CD for your sister, why dont you give them a truly unique and invaluable gift? Im talking about the gift of fitness.

The gift of fitness is something that you can give to just about everybody on your shopping list, from your parents, to your spouse, a friend, your siblings, an employee or co-worker, even your children. And its a gift that is invaluable to everyone. After all who doesnt want to look better, feel better, and be healthier?

And, its a gift that you can truly feel proud to give. When you give someone the gift of fitness, you are helping him open a door to better health (both physically and mentally). I cant think of a more thoughtful gift that shows the recipient how much you care about their well-being. By giving the gift of fitness you are providing them with unlimited health benefits.

Of course, we all know that exercise can help people stay slim and fit. But, do you also know about all the other great benefits of exercising? Daily physical activity reduces stress and can help you sleep better. Fitness has been linked to reducing the risk of some diseases and to warding off depression. Researchers also believe that strength training can help prevent osteoporosis. Not to mention that exercise also improves self-esteem, increases stamina and ultimately helps you be able to do continuous work for longer.

I bet a lot of people on your shopping list would find these fitness benefits incredibly invaluable. If the people on your list are like most of us, theyve probably even mentioned how they want to drop a few pounds of just get in better shape. In fact, experts say that about 62% of Americans are currently on a diet. By giving the gift of fitness you are helping provide them with motivation (which is one of the biggest obstacles in getting fit). They may feel more motivated to actually get fit because they dont want to feel guilty for ignoring such a thoughtful gift (personal training gift certificates and gym memberships are especially good for helping with motivation).

While fitness gifts are incredibly valuable, they dont have to be expensive. Gifts can cost as little as $5 or range into the $100s of dollars. Here are a few suggestions in the various price ranges:

Under $15:

  • Resistance Band (also makes a great stocking stuffer)

  • Dumbbells

  • Jump Rope (also makes a great stocking stuffer)

  • Exercise Mat

$15 - $35

  • Fitness Ball

  • Online Personal Training Program gift certificate (Workouts For You offers custom designed programs for only $20)

  • Home Exercise Video (also makes a great stocking stuffer)

  • Heart Rate Monitor

Over $35

  • Full dumbbell and barbell set

  • Treadmill

  • Bicycle

  • Yoga Kit

Giving something that supports health and wellness will be appreciated for years to come and may even turn someone's life around. The gift of fitness will make the recipient feel special theyll know that someone cared enough to give them the opportunity to improve their health. And, giving a gift that will help someone lead a healthier life is also one of the most rewarding gifts you can give. So why spend another holiday season searching for the perfect gift only to end up with the same old things like gift certificates or socks or books? Surprise everyone this year and give the gift that comes from the heart and truly keeps on giving throughout the New Year and beyond. And dont forget yourself you deserve the gift of fitness too!

About The Author

Lynn Bode is owner of an Online Personal Fitness Training company. Workouts For You offers online exercise programs for weight loss, strength training, nutritional planning and race training. Personalized programs can be designed for all fitness levels.

The programs are customized to meet your individual needs and lifestyle (based on the extensive profile you provide when enrolling) and include a motivational accountability system and a huge library of exercise technique demos. You receive all the trainer benefits without the expensive price, and you can workout wherever and whenever you want.

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