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Easy and Effective Home Workouts

(Submitted by: Lynn Bode )

Many people think that creating a home workout gym is either too intimidating or too costly. So, often they instead invest their money in a health club membership not realizing that for the same amount of money (or even less) they can create a ... Read article

2-Minute Fitness

(Submitted by: Sanjib Ahmad )

Why would I want to write about yet another fitness program? There are so many out there. There is no escape from fitness programs whether you watch TV or read a magazine or newspaper.The reality is that most of us are not happy with our ... Read article

Your Fitness Success: Just a Phone Call Away

(Submitted by: Gillian Hood-Gabrielson )

Did you jump out of bed this morning, ready to exercise? Or was it another morning where the snooze button won over your best intentions? Do you have a crazy morning business schedule, but promise yourself you will work out at the end of the day? ... Read article

Riding The Vision Fitness Elliptical Trainer

(Submitted by: Tim Gorman )

The Vision Fitness elliptical trainer comes in five models. Ranging from the low end to the higher end machine, the models are the Vision FitnessX6000 Folding, the Vision Fitness X6100 Folding, the Vision Fitness X6200 Folding, the Vision Fitness ... Read article

The Grey Area Between Doctors & Fitness

(Submitted by: Hugh C. Levett - Yeats )

A doctor studies the human body from a medical point of view, but this does not automatically qualify him as an expert in exercise physiology, human biomechanics, sports nutrition and supplementation or any of the multitudes of complex training ... Read article

Avoid These Top 5 Workout Myths

(Submitted by: Jim O'Connor )

Do you know the health and fitness industry is plagued by an over abundance of workout myths? A myth is a fiction or half truth, especially one that forms part of an ideology. Rob tells Jen about a new fitness program that is suppose to deliver ... Read article

Physical Fitness - Is Your Workout Missing Something?

(Submitted by: Mike Adams )

Hiking along a rocky trail, two of the three friends carefully picked their way from rock to rock. But one leaped from rock to rock, bounding by the others like a gazelle running and leaping from rock to rock. Never missing his footing, the ... Read article

How to Maximize Your Fitness Results

(Submitted by: Craig LePage )

What I am about to reveal to you can make a drastic change in the out come of your fitness results. Many of us are willing to dedicate a decent number of hours each and every week to our workout plan. But quite often we do not always see the ... Read article

Fitness Wars: Revenge of the Girth

(Submitted by: Aaron Potts )

As of the writing of this article, May 16, 2005, we are all almost 5 months into our New Year's Resolutions.Are you skinny yet?Did you find your six-pack?Does your butt look like you wanted it to in those jeans?For a ... Read article

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