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Health & Fitness Is Not A 12 Week Program

(Submitted by: Tom Venuto )

Not long ago, one of the members of my health club poked her head in my office for some advice. Linda was a 46 year old mother of two, and she had been a member for over a year. She had been working out sporadically, with (not surprisingly) ... Read article

Changes in the Face of Fitness

(Submitted by: Deborah Caruana )

Yes, there have been changes in the face of fitness. Literally the changes are on my face!This is yet another true confession of a lifestyle fitness coach.During August's marginally sweltering heat, while most were off in vacation ... Read article

Life Fitness Treadmills Reign Supreme in the Ratings

(Submitted by: Tim Gorman )

One of the most superior brands of treadmills available, Life Fitness treadmills are featured extensively in gyms and health clubs around the globe. Highly regarded by several top magazines and newspapers, this treadmill reigns supreme when it ... Read article

Weight Loss and Fitness - Facts not Fiction

(Submitted by: Martin Harshberger )

The world of weight loss and fitness is certainly vast, and the American consumer can absolutely get lost in the thousands of easy effortless and ostly useless ads if not careful. With my books and research I want to clear the air about the ... Read article

7 Ideas to Take Your Fitness Training Outside

(Submitted by: Kyle Battis )

Are you getting bored with your current training routine? Are you sick of driving to the gym to work out when the weather is so nice? Are you stuck in a fitness rut and looking for some new ideas to renew progress? Warmer weather is here so ... Read article

Do You Have A Fitness Battle Plan?

(Submitted by: Marty Gallagher )

In fitness, as in war, you want to be on the offensive, not the defensive and this means that rather than reacting to maladies as they occur, far better to be in good general physical condition; preventive maintenance is preferable to remedial ... Read article

Theres More To Fitness Than How Much You Weigh

(Submitted by: Britannia Findlay )

One of the most important things to keep in mind if you feel that you weigh too much is that fitness is not directly related to your weight. Of course, your weight will have some effect on how fit you are, especially if you're exceptionally ... Read article

Fitness Coaching - Are You Ready?

(Submitted by: Deborah Caruana )

What do you want? Do you want to improve your level of fitness? Are you ready to develop a fit lifestyle? Do you believe that a higher level of fitness will bring you powerful benefits that are very ... Read article

A New Era in Fitness & Weight Loss

(Submitted by: William Mackie )

Fitness has evolved tremendously since the early days of round cement dumbbells and jump ropes. Now all the luxuries of home are provided for you in your workout experience, to help make it more convenient, enjoyable and have it feel less like, ... Read article

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